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We are going to add some buildings and living quarters to the establishment of Camp Meridale to better serve the needs of those who visit. We are looking to build a building that will hold 120 beds. The cost of it is estimated at $77,000.  We accept monetary donations to help contribute to this addition to our facility. When it's built, large high school football teams will be able to come in and stay under the same roof as a team. Even college football teams could come in for camp and do the same.

We are looking to build a house for the staff of Camp Meridale to stay in and it's cost is estimated at $50,000. We would be able to sleep 6-7 men in this house. They are the men who will be keeping the camp grounds nice and presentable. It will be well maintained through the hard work of these men.

Since the majority of our camps will be held by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we want to build a lodge for coaches to stay in. This facility would consist of 20 beds. It's cost estimates near $65,000.

We need fitted bed sheets as well as blankets to match twin size beds and extra large twin size beds. 120 extra large twin beds and 60 regular size twin beds.

We need a variety of furniture.

We need a stove that will equip our main lodge with everything it needs in order for it to have a full operating kitchen.

We need deep freezers and refrigerators.

We need food.

We need silverware.

We need decorative items.

We need a pool table.

We need a ping pong table.

We need kayaks and canoes.

We need fishing poles and fishing tackle.

We accept monetary donations. No amount is too small or big.

We need prayer

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